Alternative Idols DADADAMS Dance Onto the World Stage


This month, a new girls’ group DADADAMS [ダダダムズ] from Japan, strives for a broader audience. While touring clubs in Tokyo, this fresh alternative idol unit takes bold steps into the international online world with help from the English YouTube channel Baka Broadcast.


Certainly, there are thousands of idol groups making pop music in Japan. Yet these newcomers set out to prove they have a style different than others. Notably, they aim for a connection with their audience while delivering an electric and energetic performance. So far, they have over half a dozen original songs on Spotify and Apple Music. All of these are catchy dance numbers, with some tracks incorporating hard rock and punk like the song BALLOON.


Of course, they are cute and have a lot of fun dancing on stage. Even now, there are a few hints of unique personalities bubbling beneath the surface. In time, they wish to reveal more of their colorful personalities through their music. For sure, world recognition is an ambitious goal, yet they will do it with humility. Meanwhile, the girls headbang and smile, reaching out for new fans in Japan and overseas.

DADADAMS [ダダダムズ] want to show the world they are far from the usual or conventional!

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