ASTERISM comes out singing, “Fiction” debuts powerful vocals


The three-piece heavy metal band, ASTERISM, uploaded their new video Fiction to YouTube on April 14. In particular, the unique fact in this “fiction” is the debut of vocals by this impressive instrumental group from Japan.

Since first posting on YouTube in 2015, the young musicians: HAL-CA (Guitarist), MIYU (Bass), and MIO (Drums) always perform with only instruments. That is until now when HAL-CA bravely sets aside her guitar and steps up to the mic.


Recently, GAIJIN GUY Wave pleasantly reacted to the new track noting they are “like a completely new band, but with the same insane talent!” He also points out the bass tapping in the pre-chorus that bubbles up to complement the sound texture. Altogether it forms a well-rounded, enjoyable song and maintains a steady riff.


The talented prodigies began touring as teenagers in 2019, traveling from Asia to the US, including an appearance at the “South by Southwest” arts festival.

For sure, HAL-CA’s lead vocals chart a stellar achievement in their musical story. Like watching a group of stars in the night sky—we wonder, where do they go from here?

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