Lots of BABYMETAL News and More!

BABYMETAL makes waves around the world with festival announcements for 2024. Plus, we have a Top Ten list from SiM vocalist MAH! Which bands do we share in common with The Rumbling singer? Also, HANABIE. makes a cancellation that draws our concern. Moreover, on this show, we get into our love of Japanese rock music


In this podcast, we feel for the suffering musicians. Why is Spotify raising the bar for new artists on their digital platform? And if that was enough to deal with, are promoters booking “beat-down” bands in venues that prohibit mosh pits? More importantly, we get back to our love of Japanese bands and speculate on

NEMOPHILA Covers Metallica?!?!

Alan is on the road again! Yet, in this podcast, we try breaking down NEMOPHILA’s cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” song. Why has Metallica become the go-to for cover songs these days? Then, onto the debate of edgy new tracks between Paledusk’s “RUMBLE” and JILUKA’s “VENΦM.” Which one will give you the biggest headache?

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