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Gacharic Spin Interview Anime Matsuri panel

Continuing our Gacharic Spin interview, back in August 2023 the Japanese rock band flew over to America as special musical guests for Anime Matsuri. Here is part two of the chat Wave and Ryan had with the pop-rock group at the annual anime convention in Houston, Texas. Read part one here.

Below is the edited transcript of their vibrant conversation.

The Perils of Making Music

Wave: We were talking about how you formed and I’m noticing some reluctant musicians here. Is it challenging for the band to compose new music? What is your songwriting processes, for example, with a song like MindSet?

ANGIE: There are lyrics in there from KOGA. Also, when HANA was thinking about the drums and arrangement, I got the spirit of it from all the members. The start of the song came from TOMO-ZO, she basically had the tempo, the beat, and the base of the song. Then I worked with KOGA to help write most of the lyrics. After that, we started to build more on the layers until it had the right kind of feel to it. Next, HANA did the arrangement of it. Finally, every member added a bit of their heart and soul to the song until it was done!

Angelina1/3 Gacharic Spin
Angelina1/3, “It’s not just about singing in a cool way but using all kinds of different voices.”

Ryan: I love hearing that. It seems that, if all the members contribute, the band will be happier in the long run.

GS: Yes and we’ve seen a lot of bands. So we think that a band with a lot of people in it is a bit more stable, in the end. Rather than a band where one person is the dream, I think it’s a shared dream for all of us long-term.

Wave: Yeah, I appreciate it when you guys were talking about how you all respect each other’s abilities and the band shines as a whole.

GS: Thank you.

Wave: Since you have made it this far, would you plan for a U.S. or European tour in the future?

GS: We really want to. It’s just that we haven’t been able to work something out. It would work if we figured out how to do it affordably with all the members ready to go.

Wave: I hope you make it happen someday. But, you do tour a lot in Japan and at festivals like NAONのYAON 2023. What was your most memorable moment from that concert?

KOGA: During our performance, we have a song, and there’s a part where everybody can sing along with us. So, I asked the other bands that were there to join us on stage. They agreed and sang our song with us. That was really nice!

F CHOPPER KOGA Gacharic Spin
F CHOPPER KOGA, “Thinking back now, I feel the bass was nice to learn instead of any other instrument.”

Wave: I love seeing all the different bands and artists come together at concerts. But, also, coming together in a band must take work. Do you guys have other roles besides the music?

KOGA: As the leader of the group, I take care of a lot of different aspects of the band. I guess, the closest in terms of, like, understanding exactly each member’s specific need. Like, when it comes to certain things, it’s as if I’m in a part-time staff position with the band.

Wave: Nice, that must be hard work, especially with all the music you are making. I enjoyed the unreleased songs from the 13th-anniversary stream, and I was wondering if there are any plans to make official studio releases for those.

GS: We want to do everything, but there are too many songs! Actually, we have a lot of songs on our computer. As much as we want to, it’s like, there’s just so many that there would be too much for an actual album. But we might release them on YouTube someday.

Revolving and Evolving

Ryan: I noticed you have some relatively new members. How did ANGIE and yuri joining the band affect the dynamics of the band? I’m curious how they impacted the creation process.

GS: The image of the band change along with new member relationships. But really, the big change is with our producer. When the producer changes, it feels like everyone’s consciousness has changed. So, turning around and seeing different members in different places changes the vibe. At first, when yuri and ANGIE joined, we had a producer. But shortly after, they left and a whole year later, we had to do self-production ourselves. At that point, we had more of an awakening. We saw each other differently. So that dynamic change meant we had to work harder instead of a producer choosing how everything could go.

Wave: Good job! And since the start of self-production, what song are you most proud of now?

ANGIE: It has to be NANMAIDA [ナンマイダ]. I’ve been learning the band’s earlier songs as well as doing the new ones. It’s not just about singing in a cool way but using all kinds of different voices. Everyone’s voice sounds fun; it’s a lot of fun doing five different people in terms of their voice and variation. That’s why I like that one, NANMAIDA [ナンマイダ].

TOMO-ZO: Live Every Moment, I like playing this song because it was written by a member of the KAMI band from BABYMETAL. He actually made the song for us! It’s a very difficult song, but being able to play it, especially with twin guitars is very fulfilling on stage.

TOMO-ZO Gacharic Spin
TOMO-ZO, “I’m able to sing as well as play the guitar, so I’m actually very happy with that.”

KOGA: AKAHADAKA LIAR [赤裸ライアー] is my favorite song. It was made back in 2015. Every time we come to anime conventions, we play that song.

OREO: I like playing rabbithole because the piano is very fresh. And there are some phrases in there that are sexy. I was the original sexy leader once upon a time. And also, it gets my heart thumping!

yuri: REPLICA [レプリカ] is fun and exciting. It starts kind of low energy, with not too much action going on. Then, as the song progresses toward the end, everybody’s instrument is intermingling one way or another. And playing that in a live venue, in front of an audience, it comes together very well. It’s very fulfilling and it gets your heart going!

Ryan: Great songs there. Yet, I was interested in learning about the song LONELY MART. I just saw it for the first time, it was the studio recording scene for vocal and piano with ANGIE and OREO. How did that song come to be?

OREO: It’s a song where I felt like it was supposed to be one way, but then it was done a completely different way. I felt like it was supposed to have this big feeling and emotion. The first time I heard the original, I thought it was really good. But I thought it would be better if the vocals were done with a higher voice, so I asked the members, and they said the song was composed with male and female style vocals, high and low. So I thought, if we could combine them in a good way, how can we get that to work?

Originally, the song was a bigger ballad. And when we began recording it, we were not sure how it would go into production. But then yuri and ANGIE were like, it should be more of AAA beat song. And then I thought, if I can take the good parts of the harmonies and mash it together, it’ll be even better. So, that’s how we came up with LONELY MART [ロンリーマート] as a vocal over a piano.

Wave: Wow, cool! That’s all of our questions. Thanks so much for chatting with us at Anime Matsuri. We will be looking forward to your new music and videos.

GS: Thank you very much!

Gacharic Spin at Anime Matsuri 2023

As for 2024, the talented ladies are set to release new music. Coming out on February 28 is their new EP Ace from worldwide retailers and on digital platforms.

Gacharic Spin Ace
Ace releases on February 28 2024

Gacharic Spin

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