Gacharic Spin Reacts To Their Contest! And The Winner Is…


Remember that Gacharic Spin reacts contest for the music video Kachi-kachi Yama [カチカチ山]? As it turns out, congratulations are in order as the Japanese girls’ band announced the winner—we are happy to report it’s GAIJIN GUY Wave Potter!

Coincidently, on America’s Independence Day, Gacharic Spin uploaded their “reaction” to the winning reactor outside of Japan. It’s fair to say that Wave got a boom bigger than any firecracker on this Fourth of July. Most likely, they were impressed with his attention to detail, such as that appropriate colored wig.


Gacharic Spin was pleased with his knowledge of the band and maybe his dancing skills, too. Notably, when Wave jammed to parts of their songs, they reacted with cheers and big smiles. Likewise, his arrangement of their song MindSet was spectacularly heavy. They must have appreciated his flattering rendition.

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Moreover, what is a reactor to do on such an endearing reception? React to it, of course. In Wave’s reaction to their reaction to his reaction (let that sink in for a moment), the cheesehead was left speechless.


Also, on the day before Wave’s reaction win, Gacharic Spin announced the winner in Japan for the contest. Apparently, the Japanese winner is a long-time fan of the band and they were happy to react to his video as well.

Upcoming next for Gacharic Spin is a return to Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas, on August 10 through 13. They last performed at the anime convention in 2019. Certainly, they can look forward to overseas fans “reacting” to them live and in person!

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