HAGANE Enlist Two New Members For “Reboot”

HAGANE official_web 2024

Today, Japanese rock band HAGANE announces a solo performance with two new members in June. The band’s return, dubbed “reboot live,” was posted on X (Twitter) for their concert in Tokyo. For sure, this is a promising update with a new vocalist Nagi [凪希] and drummer JUNNA!

Over one year ago, it looked to be the end for the young band as three of the five members unexpectedly departed. Yet, guitarist Sakura and bassist Sayaka carried on performing as a duo and providing support as touring musicians. For a while, they were out of sight until popping up now after a “preparation” period. Their performance, HAGANE reboot live -Life goes on!-, will be at Shibuya REX on June 27.

Most likely, the time off was taken to practice with the new members. The first of whom is the vocalist NAGI [凪希]. And then drummer Junna, who became well-known around the J-rock scene for her drumming skills. Previously she performed with TRiDENT and the metal project Kaminagi Alice.

After the GAIJIN GUYS discovered HAGANE, we were sad to see the separation news in March 2023. Cheer up Champ, we have new HAGANE to react to!


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