Hot New Metal From PARADOXX With “Paradoxical SINGULARITY”

PARADOXX, melodic metal band from Tokyo

Get ready for sizzling riffs, irresistible choruses, and rich metal vocals with the all-female group PARADOXX. Formed in Tokyo in 2021, the five members of the power metal band are KAOЯI and Maiko on guitars, HARUNA [陽奈] on bass, SHONO on drums, and AMANE on vocals. Coming out on February 14, the album release Paradoxical SINGULARITY [逆説のSINGULARITY] contains sweeping melodic metal tracks.

Undoubtedly, fans of groups like Aldious, FATE GEAR, and Cyntia will feel right at home with PARADOXX’s sound. That said, this music should have wide appeal among other J-Rock and power metal fans. This band appears up to the task of carving out its niche in a rich field of all-female metal bands.

The Music

Altogether, the full album, Paradoxical SINGULARITY [逆説のSINGULARITY], contains 11 tracks, including four previously released singles. Yet, the earlier tunes are remastered for this release. After listening to a few tunes, we can hear how the band has begun to find its sound. That said, Let’s first have a listen to 2023’s Day’s eye, the band’s third single. Incidentally, Gaijin Guy Wave Potter reacted to this song and to PARADOXX on his channel. See what Wave had to say, here.

Already, PARADOXX demonstrates power metal chops on the second single, Keep my temper. Note the tight musicianship and timing, melodic guitar duets by KAOЯI and Maiko, plus emotion-grabbing vocals by AMANE.

2023 Breakthrough

Notably, 2023 was a good year for this up-and-coming band: They released the music video Day’s eye, appeared in a feature piece of Japan’s iconic BURRN! magazine, and performed at SHOW YA’s prestigious NAONのYAON all-female music festival in Tokyo.

The eponymous fourth single just came out in January this year. With this song and music video, the band continues to hone their badass sound and look.

First Tour Begins

PARADOXX’s first tour in Japan begins March 3. There will be 14 dates through early September. Certainly, on their national tour, PARADOXX will melt faces from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Foremost, at least the first three stops on the tour will include other popular and up-and-coming all-female bands such as HADES, FullMooN, and Ark Royal.

Ahead of the tour, the band has scheduled a Third Anniversary/Album Release show for February 23, in Tokyo. Moreover, the legendary band Bridear will also be performing at this show!

Click here for tour dates and details on their official website.

PARADOXX, all-female melodic metal band
Looking ready for their first album and big tour!


  1. BEGINNING (Introduction)
  2. Prologue (Album Ver.)
  4. Keep my temper
  5. Break away
  6. -Tripper-
  7. 滂沱の涙
  8. this is
  10. Day’s eye
  11. Athena


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