Isiliel Carries Necronomidol Torch On US Tour

Himari Tsukishiro as Isiliel performs at PhilaMOCA

Himari Tsukishiro of metal idol group Necronomidol casts a spell in Philadelphia on November 7. This electrifying performance of original songs comes from her solo “Isiliel” project. It was certainly a standout in a 2023 tour that included Japan, Europe, Thailand, and America.

The show unfolds on the stage of the independent performing arts venue, PhilaMOCA. This stately 19th-century sandstone building was formerly a mausoleum showroom. It is now a home for outstanding and interesting art and artists like Isiliel.

Isiliel began in 2022 as Necronomidol went on hiatus. Himari has been a prominent member of the group since 2017. She carries on the mystical and dramatic storytelling tradition through song and dance, backed by original heavy metal music.

Himari Tsukishiro performs “Isiliel” project in Philadelphia
Against a backdrop of anime and metalcore, Himari gracefully wields her fan

Himari performs nine of the ten tracks from the 2023 album, Moonbow Genesis, as well as singles Lilith and Seizon Senryaku [生存戦略]. Throughout the set of original songs, she sings on grand and imposing themes such as the endless cycle of death and rebirth and the quest for enlightenment.

The musical backing track incorporates headbanging metalcore, symphonic metal, anime pop, and rock, in addition to ancient traditional themes. The overall feeling is cinematic and dramatic, enhanced by colorful, larger-than-life anime scenes that serve as backdrops throughout the show.

Himari Tsukishiro performs “Isiliel” project in Philadelphia
A passionate delivery by Himari

Himari’s honey-coated alto voice is strong and emotion-filled, and her stage presence is regal. Moreover, she impresses in person with her vocals and dancing, well beyond the music videos.

Himari Tsukishiro performs “Isiliel” project in Philadelphia
Himari provides lots of eye contact

While carrying out the intricate dance moves and vocals alone, she maintains a warm connection with the audience. New and devoted fans in the room connect with her further during a few endearing breaks for chit-chat along the way. As Isiliel, Himari Tsukishiro has kept alive the Necronomicon mission, and, perhaps, given it new life!

Set List

  1. Koumyou Kishi
  2. Geshoku Senka
  3. Jodo Dokushou
  4. Seian Kengen
  5. Keisei Densetsu
  6. Kikoku Enbu
  7. Lilith
  8. Enen Futou
  9. Sange Ittai
  10. Genesis
  11. Seizon Senryaku

More Photos From the Show

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