J-Pop Star NANO Animates Hometown Of NYC On U.S. Tour

NANO Japanese-American Pop-Anime-Rock Star

Singer-songwriter NANO capped off the Nothing But Noise tour in her native New York on January 27. This was a triumphant homecoming for NANO, who grew up in New York City and moved to Japan in her teens. Since 2012, she has built an impressive global following of J-Rock and Animé fans with her passionate voice and songwriting in Japanese and English.

A packed Brooklyn Monarch roared heartily to welcome NANO home at this friendly music venue. She eased fans into the show with 2013’s Nevereverland, which comes in as a tender ballad and quickly builds to a soaring, emotion-charged rocker!

Backing the excitement with a rich soundscape was DJ James Landino. Interestingly, James himself is an American artist who recently moved to Japan to further hone his craft as a game and anime composer. He returned to the U.S. to tour with NANO.

Overall, NANO thrilled the crowd with a skillfully assembled set spanning her discography of songs from 2012 to now. The audience reacted as if she hit it out of the park with every song. Especially in between sets where she kept a strong audience connection with warm, relatable chats.

Japanese-American Singer Songwriter NANO - crowd interaction on Nothing But Noise Tour 2024
NANO’s great crowd engagement only added to fans’ excitement and admiration.

Set Highlights

No pain, No game

• Blue jay NANO confided a special moment with the audience. She saved a rare performance of this song for this evening, in her hometown. She recounted a moving story of friendship, loss, and promises yet to keep, all etched in this one song. The fans with glow lights switched to blue, underlining the mood and hope NANO so powerfully conveys with her words and voice.

Here are impactful lyrics from this emotional song.

You shed me a light when the darkness was deep
You showed me a world that I had never seen
You found me a hope when I couldn’t believe
You gave me a life when I had nothing left

But now that you’re gone
How do I go on?
I promise you now
I won’t let you down

If ever I’m lost
And I’ve gone astray
I’ll remember your song
And I’ll find the way
I’ll find you in heaven

From “Blue jay” by NANO

NANO - Japanese-American Rocker and Anime Singer-Songwriter
NANO sings her personally significant and emotionally powerful Blue jay.

LINE OF FIRE A mid-tempo showcase for NANO’s vocal range, with just a small measure of metal overtones.

FIGHT SONG This super-exciting song rocked the crowd. Mixing Japanese and English lyrics, NANO demonstrated her chops as a writer and performer who knows how to get a crowd dancing and singing along.

• SAVIOR OF SONG A bouncy, full-throttle pop-rock tune.

Oblivion To ecstatic cheers, NANO strode back on stage for an encore. She delivered on this on; the recently released single Oblivion. If there were any doubt, NANO proved that first and foremost, she’s a rock diva. She co-created this uplifting banger with Grammy-nominated Seann Bowe. Have a look and listen to it!


  1. Nevereverland
  2. Evolution
  3. No pain, No game
  4. magenta
  6. Hourglass Story
  7. Blue Jay
  8. All I Need
  12. Freedom Is Yours
  13. Oblivion (Encore)

NANO – Brooklyn Monarch, January 27, 2024

Since we first reported on NANO, we were excited for her success on this tour. Enjoy some photos from this landmark concert.

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