Japan’s LOVEBITES Is Finally Coming To America — Next Year


North American fans of the Japanese band LOVEBITES have a reason to say, “I told you so!” Finally, their prediction that the all-female power-metal group would eventually perform in the United States has come true.

LOVEBITES recently announced they will be the second headlining act at the ProgPower USA festival! Yet everyone must wait until next year, as the performance date is September 6, 2024. Until then, this announcement begs the question, “Are more shows in North America expected to follow?”

Left to right: MIYAKO (guitar), Midori Tatematsu (guitar), asami (vocals),
haruna [はるぴー] (drums), and Fami. (bass)

Regarding the festival, ProgPower USA is North America’s premier progressive and power metal festival that takes place each September in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live close by, are you going? Or are you a fan of LOVEBITES and plan to travel?

ProgPower USA

Meanwhile, check out GAIJIN GUY Champ’s reaction to LOVEBITES’ music video, Judgement Day [Official Live Video taken from “Knockin’ At Heaven’s Gate”]. This banger track is one of the first songs with their new bass player Fami!


A few weeks back, we spoke about LOVEBITES’ former bassist Rosana:miho now supporting CHAOS CONTROL, another power-metal band.

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