New Beginning, Yet We Are Still On the Same Journey

New Beginning HamaRikyu Tokyo

People may say that starting over is hard. Yet, we say it is vital for growth. At Solid Sound Entertainment, we are beginning again with a renewed focus on our objectives. In particular, we will provide our audience with amusing stories that also inspire. Plus, we will deliver informative articles on our beloved topic: the music of Asia and the West. Please join us in this new endeavor of sonic vibes emanating from humble sources far and wide.

Several years ago, the ears of our team members were captivated by the discovery of music from the Far East. There was something in the airwaves of Japan that, while foreign, sounded familiar. Surprisingly, the siren calls from the land of the rising sun awoken a sleeping giant in us. From the bombastic heavy metal of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, the slamming cuteness of BABYMETAL, and the unexpected hard rock inspired by a maid cafe in BAND-MAID…the new world of Japanese rock called out to our Western souls. Our hearts quickened, much like what Japan’s ONE OK ROCK sings in The Beginning, “Just give me a reason, to keep my heart beating…”

We found ourselves awakening from a slumber to take up a new journey. More importantly, we believe this journey should be shared with those still asleep. Many music lovers probably do not realize how they have gotten “stuck” with their music. They listen to the same songs on their iTunes playlist over and over. Or they spin that Nirvana Nevermind album for the 100th time. Or they let a random Spotify playlist autoplay Metallica and “songs based on your interests” again and again. While we love the classics along with Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot, there is a new horizon to explore.

In going down the rabbit hole of Asian music, this author felt he was revisiting and experiencing euphoric emotions from an earlier time in Western music. Moreover, it was as if history had changed, and now a new musical road of discovery ran in parallel. Even though these artists existed in another world with another language, the power and intensity of their musicianship left an imprint on this music lover. Now, the songs of anime such as GURENGE by LiSA, visual kei legends like Yoshiki from X-Japan, and the God-tier guitaring of MIYAVI supplanted his “Rock” playlists!

New Beginning - Alan HANABIE
Alan with HANABIE in New York, thanks to Sony Japan

Yet, we have only just begun on this musical journey. The Western world needs to awaken and experience the passion of music again. Even at present, we see more coming from Asia with rising bands like HANABIE. and The Rose. To sum it up, there is no bad time for expanding your musical frontier. If the question is “Where do I begin?” the answer is “Right here, right now!”

If failed to be convinced by words, then listen to it! Perhaps, you will have a new playlist to embrace.

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