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May Music Videos

Last week, May kicked off with banging new tracks from our favorite Japanese rock bands. Already, reactions from the community have been glowing for BAND-MAID’s latest song. And yet, there are even more outstanding uploads from GLIM SPANKY, TRiDENT, HADES, and Unholy Orpheus. For many of us who discover J-Rock on YouTube, we once again tumble down that musical rabbit hole in this list!


BAND-MAID continues to amaze even after a decade of hard rock service. Their latest track, Bestie co-written with Michael Einziger from Incubus, has received a stunning visual update. In the video, the metal maids have traded their usual costumes for angelic white robes. It presents a beautiful aesthetic that blends perfectly with the natural backdrop. Undoubtedly, if their goal was to hit your senses with maximum positive vibes then it’s a smashing success!


While dropping just before May started, GLIM SPANKY released their latest single, Fighter. The jazzy track is refreshingly upbeat and features a bouncy rhythm that will keep you hooked from the start. As the song rocks solidly throughout, the duo plays up with sweeping guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Despite the subdued visuals in the video, it is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys high-energy rock with a touch of jazz.


Next, TRiDENT takes a bold step with a truly “live” version of be with you. In the music video, the trio rocks out for an enthusiastic crowd with gleeful abandon. In my humble opinion, this solid J-rock unit receives less recognition than they deserve and their music demands more attention from the world! Perhaps the talent on display in be with you can convince more people to check out TRiDENT.


One of our new favorites that almost made our The Awesome, Rising Women Of Rock From Japan list is HADES. In a short time, we have been blown away by the hard-as-hell rock from them. And No!!!!!!!!!! is no exception from this feeling. They may look retro in “hair metal” style, but the guitar shredding and growly vocals are very modern—in a good way! HADES may be shouting No!!!!!!!!!!, but we say “YES!”

Unholy Orpheus

After 15 years of heavy metal glory, Unlucky Morpheus rebrands themselves without lead vocalist Fuki. And so this melodic death metal project is Unholy Orpheus, adding a new hard edge to the prolific group. In the hauntingly strange video, Undeveloped Land builds a mystery that unravels with metal punches to the gut! At breakneck speed, a metalcore drive and a harmonic violin create a unique combo of audio force! Finally, for those who may be wondering about the future of Unlucky Morpheus, you can relax for now when Fuki returns for their upcoming 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2024.

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