Retro Rockers: Whiskey Dust To Livestream On YouTube


A new Japanese band, Whiskey Dust, inspired by 80’s hard rock, brings the era of glam metal to YouTube. On September 2, at 11 a.m. JST, the female band will live stream their original songs plus hard rock covers on their channel.


Interestingly, the young group formed recently in 2021 with vocalist Gsbeq Aya and guitarist Erika Van Halen. Notably, it is a mystery if Erika is related to the legendary Eddie Van Halen; obviously, she is inspired by the famous guitar hero! Also joining them on drums is music arranger NEKA ICHIMASA [なかじまはじめ]. Taking inspiration from the decadent 80s, they seem determined to make glam rock sexy again.

So far, the band has produced a single and EP album. For example, the track to best sample the band’s style is Impersonator – Mannequin – [偽人 – マネキン – ]. This old-school banger is crunchy and shred-heavy.


If you are on the North American side of the planet, set a reminder for Friday, September 1, at 10 p.m. Eastern time. Get set for a hair metal blast from the past with Whiskey Dust Streaming Live Show !! “Say hello to the World vol.2”.

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