Rolling Quartz Makes You Jump In “Stand Up” Music Video


Rolling Quartz, a South Korean rock band, released their latest single Stand Up on digital platforms and YouTube today. It’s the first of several new songs from their upcoming EP due in June. The five-member group energizes fans with this track and offers a sample of the rock and metal music that is to come.

In the music video, some dastardly thieves steal masks based on the traditional Korean Bongsan dance that symbolizes harmony between different cultures. Yet the results find the crooks dancing in various styles and careless with their ill-gotten loot. Yet, no matter your culture, you can easily get into the groove and dance without any disguise as the rhythm flows with pop-rock zeal and catchy hooks.

The ladies of Rolling Quartz always find new ways to craft an amusing song! At first, a mid-tempo beat slowly builds up until all the instruments come into full swing. And then a call to action in the lyrics “Everyone have fun jumping around together. Stand up!” Large LED screens behind the musicians display traditional symbols of longevity to showcase the beauty of art and the diversity of cultures. For sure, this can please both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Furthermore, this release follows their musical guest of honor performance from Anime Detour. By all accounts, it was an awesome time with fans (affectionately called “Diadems”) and for the band. Check back with us soon, as we will have more reports about them at that convention.

Rolling Quartz Anime Detour 2024
Rolling Quartz cosplay and fan meeting from Anime Detour.

Rolling Quartz

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