The Awesome, Rising Women Of Rock From Japan

Women of Rock Yukina 2023

Recently, it was International Women’s Day. For us at the GAIJIN GUYS, we think about our favorite international women of rock from Japan! Over the past several years, we have seen increasing support for the girls from the land of the rising sun, like BABYMETAL, BAND-MAID, NEMOPHILA, and LOVEBITES. Yet, new artists are also stepping up and rocking hard! In the list below, several female-fronted or all-girl bands are rising in notoriety in Japan. In no particular order, here are our picks of glamourous, hard-rocking Japanese women.



This all-girl metalcore band from Tokyo jumped into international fame in 2023. Their big hit, Pardon Me, I Have to Go Now [お先に失礼します。], blew up on social media and got the attention of overseas promotions. At first, you may mistake their gimmick as copying BABYMETAL, but their style is uniquely different and they play their own instruments! Moreover, they call it “Harajuku-core”, a combination of Japanese hip attire, gaming culture, and nu metal.

Here is the breakdown and why their music is fun and catchy. Lead singer Yukina has two extreme modes of singing: at first, she growls like a banshee, then, secondly, flips to total cuteness like a J-Pop singer. Meanwhile, guitarist Matsuri handles clean vocals in a chorus and punctuates melodic measures with shredding guitar riffs. Finally, the rhythm section anchors the madness with Hettsu on bass and Chika on drums.

In a few short years, they amassed millions of views on their music videos and over a hundred thousand followers on their digital platforms like YouTube. Last November, they were the opening act for Limp Bizkit at Tokyo Garden Theater. Additionally, they headlined European and American tours last year. Moreover, HANABIE. announced that new tours are coming in 2024. Certainly, one to watch and not to be missed!

East of Eden


The lineup for East of Eden looks more like an all-star list of the female Japanese rock scene. Leading the supergroup is violinist Ayasa, her 2018 original song, The Reason Why [告白の夜], became an international success and she recently performed with the renowned BanG Dream franchise. On vocals is the heavenly voice of Akane Minato [湊あかね] who was a significant member of the Japanese idol girl group, predia.

Furthermore, Yuki from D-Drive is magnificent in the important role of lead guitarist. She has over a decade of experience and is a major player in the J-Rock scene. Uniquely, Wakazaemon is a left-handed bassist recognized in 2019 by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE for their franchise project, COTTELEE [コロナナモレモモ]. Finally, on drums is the powerful MIZUKI, a well-established support drummer in Tokyo and is still an active member of the rock band Lonesome_Blue.

Coming together just last year, they have assembled a mighty yet short collection of power ballads and rock tracks. So far, this has earned them a diverse following and one million plus views for the banger song This Moment. While they only have a handful of released songs, this collection of top-tier talent hints at much more to come from East Of Eden in the future.



Forming in 2022 as a “hybrid rock band”, Lonesome_Blue took pop elements of anime tunes and combined them with hard rock to make powerful, anthemic songs. In addition to getting a strong following in their home country, they also made waves with fans outside of Japan. See here why we are crushing on them with bangers like Face The Fear.

In total, they have millions of views with only seven released songs on their YouTube. Even though they lost a member last year, the group is not calling it quits! Look for more from them soon. Plus, as mentioned above, their drummer, MIZUKI, splits time between Lonesome_Blue and East of Eden. Now that is some hard-working drums!

Little Lilith

Little Lilith 2023

This metal band has been holding steady as a new band on the rise. Not much is known about them since they uploaded their first music video LadyBug to YouTube. Their recent music video for the insanely hard, STRIKE, boosted their view count and got our attention!

After the pandemic as venues reopened in Japan, they hit the local tour circuits hard. Eventually, this would get them recognized in Japanese magazines alongside our other favorite bands such as NEMOPHILA and Lonesome_Blue. Even with a dozen songs in their discography, you are guaranteed to feel the electricity and heavy-hitting sound in each of them.


PARADOXX, melodic metal band from Tokyo

Last month, we reported on the release of PARADOXX’s first album, Paradoxical SINGULARITY. The album is now out and available in CD format. Additionally, this flashy, tight, five-woman power metal band is already on tour in Japan. Early reports from fans we know of say the band meets the high expectations set from their music videos, such as Paradoxical SINGULARITY.

To put it another way, PARADOXX is a tight, flashy, exciting power metal with a lot of promise. Get in on the ground floor and delight in AMANE’s unique, rich voice, KAOЯI and Maiko’s dynamic duets, HARUNA’s on-point bass work, and SHONO’s in-the-pocket drumming. We predict they’ll be twice as good this time next year.



Fasten your seat belt and rock out with SAISEIGA. Fans of the power-metal band ZETTAI CLUB (2016-2020) will remember drummer Tohko and vocalist Regan, who now play the same roles for SAISEIGA. Looking back, you’ll see and hear two very competent rockers with ZETTAI CLUB. However, since SAISEIGA’s formation in 2020, they have found their musical home and seriously upped their game. Impressively, together with bassman Katsuki and guitarist Wakkun, they write all their music and lyrics.

Katsuki describes the band’s musical thrust in an interview with Gaijin Guy Ryan Mear: “I think that is the most attractive point of this band…we are a melodic, groove, metal band, so we place a great deal of importance on groove.” Indeed, there is a unique groove to their music. However, if you like hard and heavy music, don’t let this self-description turn you away. Regan’s blood-curdling growls and piercing, clean vocals will give you goosebumps. Moreover, Tohko’s hard-hitting and intricate drumming, Wakkun’s soaring riffs, and Katsuki’s thumping, prog-metal bass work will have your head banging, and leave you asking for more.

Right now Japan is producing amazing women of rock. Put these ladies (and the guys who support them) on your playlist for a few listens; we think you will be hooked. By the way, did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know on our social media or chat with us during our weekly podcast.

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