Who Will Win the Gacharic Spin Reaction Contest?


YouTube reactors are reacting for the Gacharic Spin reaction contest “GachaReact!!” Contestants have until May 31, when the Japanese pop-rock band will select the best “reaction” for their new song Kachi-kachi Yama.


Gacharic Spin uploaded Kachi-kachi Yama on April 25. In the music video, the six members enthusiastically jam in vibrant colors. While the subject alludes the viewer, lead singer Angelina 1/3 is holding what looks to be an Onigiri, a Japanese triangle-shaped rice ball. Have a bite of this!


Notably, the GAIJIN GUYS have uploaded their reactions. First, Alan sat down with Dicodec bandmate Eric; they exploded over F Chopper Koga’s bass playing.


Next, Ryan has a new band for his “want to see live” list, especially with Hana’s smooth moves on drum fills.


Who will win? Check back when we react to Gacharic Spin’s winner!

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